The Johnston-Grimes Metropolitan Fire Department operates out of three stations:

Fire Station 37 located at 200 SW James Street in Grimes is our west station and operates an ALS-capable rescue engine. This engine has extrication and rescue capabilities as well as a full ALS compliment. This crew can also operate as our third transporting ambulance during peak call volume times. This station also houses a 2100-gallon tender, brush truck, reserve ladder, a reserve engine, and is our primary call back station.

Fire Station 38 located at 10225 NW 62nd Avenue in Johnston is our middle station and primarily operates two ALS ambulances. This crew can also operate an engine for structure fires in our district. This station also houses a 2100-gallon tender.

Fire Station 39 located at 6373 Merle Hay Road in Johnston is our east station and administrative headquarters and primarily operates a tower ladder (for structure fires) or an ALS-capable rescue engine (for EMS or rescue calls). The engine has extrication and rescue capabilities as well as a full ALS compliment. This station also houses our water rescue equipment, a Gator, and a reserve ambulance.

The Operations Division is led by the Deputy Chief – Operations. The district staffs 11 personnel 24 hours a day with a minimum staffing of 11 personnel from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and 10 personnel from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Each Shift (A, B, or C) works 48 hours on duty, 96 hours off duty, and has a full-time Captain and Lieutenant assigned to manage the shift. Each full-time Captain is administratively assigned either EMS, Special Operations, or Training. In addition, four part-time Lieutenants assist in the management of the stations and our part-time firefighters.

A Shift and C Shift operate with nine full-time personnel, one permanent part-time employee, and one open part-time shift each day. B Shift operates with ten full-time personnel and one open part-time shift each day. There is one full-time employee that works a 48-hour/week float position depending on staffing needs for the week.

EMS, Extrication or Rescue response provides the closest rescue engine (Station 37 or 39) and an ambulance from Station 38. Structure fire responses provide for two engine, one ladder, and two ambulances from Johnston-Grimes stations along with mutual aid support with one engine, one ladder, and one ambulance for a total response of 19 personnel. A water rescue response is a collaboration between Johnston-Grimes and our mutual aid neighbors depending on whether the response is to Saylorville Lake (assistance from Ankeny, Granger, and Polk City) or the Des Moines River or Beaver Creek (assistance from Des Moines).