Licenses and Permits

Block Party Permit 
The City of Johnston requests the filing of a permit form so emergency responders can be notified of potential route disruptions or street closures within a neighborhood. The City will drop off and pick up barriers for your gathering. Requests for staff or vehicles from city departments should be made directly with the departments.

Cigarette and Tobacco Permit
Chapter 453A of the Iowa Code requires that any person offering cigarettes or tobacco products for sale to the consumer hold a valid retail cigarette/ tobacco permit. Only one permit is required for selling cigarettes only, tobacco products only or both cigarettes and tobacco products. Although the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division oversees these permits, the City of Johnston handles the administrative tasks required. Please contact the Clerk's office for additional information.

Liquor License
Iowa law requires all alcoholic beverages retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and brokers to apply for and obtain a license or permit before doing business in the state. Overseen by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, the Clerk handles the local administration of the license. To initiate the process for a new license, please contact the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division at 515-281-7400.

Massage Therapy Business Permit
The City of Johnston requires a permit for any Massage Therapy Business operating in the city.

Solicitor Permit
The City of Johnston requires a permit for any person who represents themselves, any business, organization, or group soliciting or attempting to solicit from residences, or upon the public right-of-way or street, monies, contributions or orders for goods, subscriptions, services or merchandise to be delivered immediately or at a future date. Details of fees, documentation, and requirements for a permit are outlined in Chapter 122 of the Johnston Code of Ordinances.

Solid Waste Hauler Permit
The city requires anyone engaged in the business of collecting, transporting, processing, or disposing of solid waste other than waste produced by that person within the city to obtain an annual permit.