Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Johnston Police Department is an active member of the Crime Free Multi-Housing program, an effort to keep apartment complexes, and the people who live in them, safe.

The program provides certified training to apartment managers on crime prevention, physical security, resident screening, lease agreements and eviction issues, key control, ongoing security management and response to criminal activity, gangs and drug activity, and fire safety training.

The JPD has been running its own informal program with some of the larger complexes since 2006, and formally adopted the CFMH program in 2010. JPD has one supervisor and two officers dedicated to the program, which oversees eight apartment communities in Johnston.

The CFMH program has reduced phone calls for police service, created a more stable resident base and has reduced exposure to civil liability. It also builds a partnership between police, apartment managers and residents.

"Anytime you can highlight awareness of security and involve participants, not just observers, you can't help but end up with a win-win situation for everybody and create a safer environment. The crime free multi-housing program builds trust, goodwill and a positive relationship," Police Chief Bill Vaughn said.

Residents have told the Johnston Police Department the CFMH program has made their complex safer and a better place to live.

"I greatly encourage this program for any community no matter how big or small. Active property management is a large part of keeping your residents safe and protecting your assets. Without taking this class, I would not have the knowledge to know how to address these situations," said Sara Jeffrey, assistant property manager of Chapel Ridge Townhomes of Johnston.

Contact Officer Grandon at 515-334-2342 at the Johnston Police Department for more information on the CFMH program.

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