Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste


Metro Waste Authority provides solid waste collection for all single and two-family homes in Johnston.

Garbage bins are due curbside by 6 a.m. the day of pick up.
  • Monday - Pick up for residents west of 86th Street
  • Tuesday - Pick up for residents east of 86th Street

To Begin Service

  • Contact Johnston City Hall, at (515) 727-7772 or email.
  • Register with Metro Waste Authority (MWA) for email updates. Residents can sign up to receive emails from MWA that contain helpful tips and pick up delays due to weather or other situations.

Service & Billing

  • Garbage collection is included on your monthly City of Johnston water bill. Three container sizes are available, see fee Information (PDF) for current rates.
  • Holiday schedules can be found on the website.
  • To report a missed collection or cart maintenance, contact Metro Waste Authority at (515) 244-0021 or online.


The City of Johnston participates in the Metro Waste Authority's Curb It! Recycling and Compost It! Yard Waste programs. These services are provided through residents' property taxes and are available in all single and two-family homes in Johnston.

Recycling is picked up curb side the same day as trash collection - learn more at Metro Waste Authority (MWA)
  • Monday - Residents living west of 86th Street
  • Tuesday - Residents living east of 86th Street

Recycling Resources


  • All plastic bottles that are necked or have twist-top lids, along with margarine and yogurt tubs, can be recycled through the Curb It! program
  • Rinse out plastics, glass, and aluminum items before placing them in your cart, no need to remove labels
Examples of necked or twist top bottles include:
  • Hairspray, shampoo and conditioner bottles (take out the pumps)
  • Margarine and yogurt containers are blended into the recycling mix and allowed because of the small quantity of these containers
  • Medicine and vitamin bottles
  • Milk, juice, water, and soda bottles
  • Plastic food jars (think peanut butter) and salad dressing bottles detergent and fabric softener bottles

Yard Waste

Bagged yard waste can be left curbside. For yard waste to be collected, it must be bagged or bundled properly. Residents can purchase Compost It! bags or use their own kraft style bag with a sticker affixed. Learn more at Metro Waste Authority.

Questions  related to the Compost It! program, carts, collection, can directed to Residents are also welcome to call the Metro Waste Authority office at (515) 244-0021. 

What Else You Can Throw in the Bags or Carts?

Garden waste (unpicked tomatoes and vegetables) can also be composted – but no food scraps. If it was served on a plate, put it in your trash or garbage disposal.

Branches should be securely tied together in bundles no longer than 48 inches or wider than 18 inches. Individual branches cannot exceed two inches in diameter. A Compost It! sticker must be attached to each bundle.

Premium Yard Cart Service

A premium yard cart service is also available. This service offers residents the convenience of a 96-gallon wheeled cart for weekly collection of yard waste. Renewal is made simple through a sticker to attach to the cart, confirming service for the annual yard and garden waste collection season. There is a one time fee of $80 for the purchase of the cart, and an annual renewal fee of $105.

For more information, please email Marci Santi or call (515) 727-7772. An application (PDF) is required. Additional information as well as online renewal is offered at the MWA website.

Premium Yard Cart Renewal

If your premium yard cart needs to be renewed, please return the 2021 renewal form and a $105 check to the City of Johnston, 6221 Merle Hay Rd., Johnston, IA 50131, by Wednesday, March 31. Renewal payments received after March 31 may delay the service start date.

Residents can also renew Compost It! Premium cart service online by visiting