Soil Quality Restoration (SQR) Program

The City of Johnston has been awarded $125,000 to implement a citywide soil quality restoration (SQR) program. SQR is the process of decompaction of your yard via deep aeration and adding new organic matter into your yard via compost. Benefits of this practice include increased stormwater infiltration, which improves water quality and soil in our region. These improvements help support grass growth, reduce the need for fertilizers to support lawns, and less irrigation to keep lawns healthy. 

Property owners within Johnston are eligible to have 50% of the project cost, up to $1,500 maximum, covered by these grant funds. The program is anticipated to benefit property owners with a 10% to 15% cost reduction. 

Residents may also contact Clayton Ender, City Planner, at 515-727-7763 to receive a cost estimate or learn more about this program.

For additional information about Soil Quality Restoration, please visit

A free cost-estimating tool is available to aid residents in deciding if they want to participate in this grant program. This tool will also allow you to submit your interest in participating in the grant program. City staff will contact you if you submit interest to discuss the next steps. Click the button below to be directed to this free cost estimate tool. 

Click the image below to receive an online SQR cost estimate

receive an sqr cost estimate button. Background is green with white lettering.

City staff lead an informational webinar on Wednesday, May 10 about the Citywide Soil Quality Restoration grant program.  This webinar was designed to educate residents about soil quality restoration and the steps to participate in this program to improve their lawn’s health. The meeting began with a brief informational presentation followed by a question-and-answer opportunity. Watch the video below.

The images below provide the process for SQR.

Image of the process for soil quality restoration. Image is 1200x900
Image of the process of soil quality restoration. Image is 1200x900.
Image of the process of soil quality restoration. Image size is 1200x899.
Image of the process after soil quality restoration is complete. Image size is 1200x900.

Click the image below to view a PDF to learn more about the SQR program.

SQR Water Bill Insert graphic document