Pointe Vista Park Drainage and Trail Improvements

Project Description

The project includes the reconstruction of the Point Vista Park trail from Newgate Drive northeasterly to Peckham Street. The new trail will be 10’ wide concrete trail and generally located in the same location where it exists today.  In addition, drainage improvements will be made within the park to the north of Fullerton Court and NW 93rd Court to address localized flooding issues in this area and the outlet on the existing pond will be modified to better regulate the flow of water.  

Project Description

This map (PDF) depicts the general extent of the project, with the trail replacement being shown in white and the stormwater/storm sewer improvement areas being shown in green.  The magenta lines on the map reflect existing storm sewers that will not be impacted by the project.

Project Description

Construction summer/fall 2022 




Josh DeBower, P.E.
Foth Infrastructure and Environment
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