Crosshaven and Johnston Commons Ice Rinks

The City of Johnston has two ice rinks that will be open during the winter months when weather permits. The rinks are located within our City parks.

The public ice rink at Johnston Commons measures 80 x 40 feet, which was donated in partnership between the Iowa Wild and Wells Fargo. The rink at Crosshaven is 30 x 55 feet.

Please avoid going out onto the ice when it is slushy. Doing this creates footprints on the ice, and water will need to be added in order to smooth it out. Unfortunately, these community ice rinks don't have a Zamboni.

The Parks crew members added water to the one at Johnston Commons. The red flag is currently displayed, so please avoid going onto the ice until the green one is put into place.

The rink at Crosshaven is a little more of a challenge. Until the surface melts, the crews are not able to scrape off the ice chunks. The rink is completely full, so there is no room to add any additional water. So, please avoid going out onto this rink until the crews are able to smooth out the ice.

One of the rinks also had a snowman built on it. While we truly enjoy seeing the snowmen that are built within our community, please refrain from building one on the ice. As you can imagine, when it melts, it creates an even bigger challenge with getting rid of the ice chunks. 

During winter months, ice is open for hockey from dawn to noon, and open skating hours are from noon to dusk. The rinks are free for public use and will be open when weather permits. A green sign will be posted at the gate to indicate that the rinks are open; a red sign will be posted when the rinks are closed. All skaters are advised that they are skating at their own risk. The rinks are not supervised, and all skaters are advised they are skating at their own risk. Bring your skates and take part in this new, free activity!

Ice Rink Rules