Zoning & Subdivision Code Update

The City of Johnston is updating its Zoning and Subdivision Codes in 2021 to make sure its zoning and subdivision regulations are consistent with the goals, policies, and maps in Thrive 2040, the City’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan. In addition, specific Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance inconsistencies and issues identified by the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Staff will be studied as part of this project.

What are the Zoning and Subdivision Codes?
The Zoning Code is the set of rules that identifies how individual properties within the City can be used. It also sets standards for how buildings may be developed or changed. The Zoning Code is structured by dividing the City into districts and then identifying what can occur in each district. The Zoning Map, available here, shows where the City’s zoning districts are located. The Zoning Code also has standards that apply to all districts, such as parking, landscaping, screening, signage, etc.

The City’s Subdivision Regulations shape how properties can be subdivided into smaller parcels for development or sale. The regulations include standards pertaining to lots, streets, infrastructure such as water and sewer, and public areas. 

The City’s current zoning and subdivision regulations are available here

What is Thrive 2040?
Thrive 2040 is the City’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan. It is a document that is a tool for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of the City. While the most recognized part of the Comprehensive Plan is its land-use plan, Thrive 2040 also includes a vision statement, guiding principles, goals, policies, and implementation initiatives that direct actions related to natural resources, transportation, economic development, housing, parks, trails, and open space, and utilities. Thrive 2040 also incorporates the 10 Iowa Smart Growth Principles throughout the Plan. More information about Thrive 2040 can be found here

Why do the Zoning and Subdivision Codes need to be updated?
These potential updates will address specific standards in some zoning districts, parking, landscaping/screening, stormwater and natural resources, and definitions sections of the Zoning Code. In addition, the City’s last update/rewrite of its Zoning Ordinance occurred in 1982. While amendments have been made, a collective update and modernization of the Zoning and Subdivision regulations have not occurred.

What is the project schedule?
The Zoning Code Update project started in June of 2021 and is broken into five tasks that extend until the summer of 2022. Currently, the City is in Task 2 which involves evaluating the current zoning and subdivision regulations and gathering input on issues that should be addressed in the process.

How can I be involved?
At any point in the process, please feel free to send questions or comments directly to thrive2040@cityofjohnston.com or (515) 727-7778.

Project Contacts
David Wilwerding, AICP
Community Development Director
Email David Wilwerding
(515) 727-7775

Rita Trapp, AICP
Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc.
Email Rita Trapp
(651) 402-8045