Business Survey Results

In the winter 2020, ETC Institute administered the first business survey for the City of Johnston. A total of 80 businesses completed the survey. 

Respondents were asked to indicate, from a list of eight possible descriptors, which one best describes their business/organization.
  • 15% were in professional, scientific, and technical services
  • 15% were in financial and insurance
  • 12% were in health care and social assistance
  • 11% were in retail
  • 11% were in construction
  • 4% were in real estate and rental leasing
  • 4% in arts, entertainment, and recreation
  • 2% in restaurants and food services
  • 16%were in the category of other
  • 9% did not provide this information
Major findings from the survey
  • 42% rated the City as an excellent place to do business
  • 37% of respondents indicated the City is very welcoming and inclusive
  • 50% of respondents are still experiencing distress as a result of COVID-19
  • 30% of respondents had to change their business hours due to the pandemic
  • 54% of respondents indicated their staffing levels had not been impacted
  • 44% of respondents anticipate their business to evolve and grow
  • 12% anticipate their commercial space changing over the next couple of years
  • 84% of respondents have broadband services at their business
The report (PDF) contains the following:
  • a summary of the methodology for administering the survey and major findings
  • charts showing the overall results of the 2020 survey (Section 1)
  • importance‐satisfaction analysis that identifies priorities for investment (Section 2)
  • tabular data showing the overall results for all questions on the survey (Section 3)
  • open‐ended comments from respondents (Section 4)
  • a copy of the cover letter and survey instrument (Section 5)