Back-flow Prevention

To protect residents drinking water supply the City of Johnston’s plumbing code requires plumbing fixtures which may cause potential health risks to the drinking water supply be protected by an approved back-flow prevention device. Examples of water fixtures that must have a back-flow prevention device installed to protect against potential health risks to the drinking water supply are lawn irrigation systems, swimming pools, fire protection systems, boilers, water powered sump pumps, etc.

Back-flow prevention devices are required by State Law (IAC 641) to be tested annually by a State of Iowa Registered Back-flow Prevention Assembly Tester. Registered Back-flow Prevention Assembly Testers are required to report the results of the annual test to the City.

The City of Johnston has partnered with BSI Online for the management of the annual back-flow prevention testing reporting requirements. The City requires registered back-flow assembly testers to electronically submit back-flow prevention device test results to BSI Online. The filing fee for submitting test results to BSI Online is $16.95 per back-flow prevention device.

Customers with a back-flow prevention device will receive a letter from BSI Online regarding the annual testing requirements. Notifications from BSI Online will contain the Customer Confirmation Number (CCN). The CCN can be used by customers to verify the City has received their annual backflow test results or to find a list of registered back-flow prevention assembly testers via the BSI Online website.

Questions regarding back-flow Prevention can be directed to BSI Online 800-414-4990, or Johnston Public Works 515-278-0822.