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Large Meeting Room

Admission Fee

Non-profits: First 4 hours free then $20.00/hourFor-profit: $40.00/hour

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  1. 200 People Capacity
  2. 6 Foot Rectangle Tables
  3. Flip Charts
  4. Kitchen
  5. LCD Projector ($25.00 charge)
  6. Restrooms
  7. Screen
  8. Whiteboard
  9. Wi-Fi
The Large Meeting Room is the combination of the East & West Meeting Rooms.
It is set in a standard rectangular configuration with 14 tables and 28 chairs in each half of the room as shown below in the photos of the East & West Meeting Rooms.
Users may move the tables and chairs to accommodate their meeting needs. At the end of their meetings, users are expected to return the room to the standard configuration.
The room is equipped with drop-down projection screens and portable white boards.
The room does not have telephone connections.
A kitchen designed for serving light refreshments is located the east half of the Large Meeting Room. Users must provide all equipment and supplies and must leave the kitchen clean. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be served.

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