Posted on: March 20, 2017

HAVE A SPRING YARD PROJECT? It Could Earn You Money Back!


The City of Johnston has established a Stormwater Homeowner Grant Program! This program allows Johnston homeowners to incorporate Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their property to aid in the improvement of water quality and decrease the water quantity entering our streams, ponds, and storm sewers. The program is intended to help cover the cost of materials and/or contractor labor to install such practices.

The City of Johnston will provide up to a 50% match on BMPs constructed, with a maximum reimbursement amount of $750. Rain barrels will be funded at a maximum of $75, limit of one per address. The funding may be utilized for multiple practices. Applicants may utilize this program in multiple fiscal years for various BMP projects, with the exception of rain barrels which are available one time only. Funding is available to applicants on a first come basis and is subject to the approval of the Community Development Department staff and director.

Some BMPs include rain gardens/bioretention cells, rain barrels, pervious pavement systems, soil quality restoration, and native planting gardens/buffers/swales. There are many benefits to native plants. They love our Iowa weather and can survive when it is hot or cold or rainy or dry. Their deep root systems get them water in the summer and help make loose, rich soil that soaks up rain like a sponge. These plants also add much needed habitat and food for butterflies, insects, and birds.   

Contact Clayton Ender through email or by calling 515-727-7763 for more information.

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