Posted on: March 20, 2017



The City of Johnston has a variety of events planned throughout April to help you dust off winter while   improving your home, neighborhood and community.  Think of all the things you would like to get rid of during an intense spring cleaning: mattresses, couches, tables, chairs, windows, doors, books, old dishes or box springs.  The city-wide Spring Cleanup Event allows residents to dispose of large household items on their regular trash collection day at no additional charge.  All smaller items must be placed in bags or boxes.  

Please place your items on the curb by 6 am on April 17 or 18, depending upon which date is your designated trash collection day. Collection may last through April 19 due to the volume of the collection.  

If you live in an apartment, condo or townhome with private trash collection, you may not be a part of the Spring Cleanup Event.  Please contact your association or management to find out.

The total amount of debris on your curb must fit into the size of a flatbed truck, roughly 8 ft x 5.5 ft x 3 ft. Extra debris will not be collected.

Items not accepted in the collection include: appliances, yard waste, tires, electronic waste, hazardous waste, drywall, broken glass and concrete. Items from small home improvement projects, like a few doors or windows, will be allowed. Items from large construction projects will not be picked up. 

Weight rule:  If two people can reasonably lift an accepted item, then it will be collected.  Heavier items will not be collected. The average Johnston household pays around $6 per year (included in your monthly utility bill) for this Spring Cleanup Event --- so take advantage of it!

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