Posted on: March 20, 2017


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Johnston Police Officers recently underwent tactical medical training --- something that would have only occurred in specialized positions a few years ago --- but today gives all officers a necessary skill set for the kinds of modern day scenes they may encounter. This medical training is vital should our officers face life-threatening situations like hostile gunfire or mass casualty incidents. Johnston police recently received equipment they've never carried before:  tourniquets, chest seals, quick clotting agents and hemostatic gauze.

"In this twenty-first century approach to policing, we are training department personnel for the very real possibility that they may encounter life-threatening situations where medical help is needed but it is unsafe for medical personnel to be present. By practicing scenarios that involve the application of tourniquets, extrication lifts, the use of chest seals and improvised equipment, we are preparing ourselves to provide life-saving care in a hostile environment," said Police Chief Dennis McDaniel.

Johnston Police Officers were trained by Sgt. Samir Dzaferagic and Det. Ryan Hanssen, who are both certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as Tactical Medical Instructors. Hanssen has real-world tactical medicine experience as a crewmember on rescue helicopters in Afghanistan. Dzaferagic has tactical medical training experience as a member of the Suburban Emergency Response Team.

Johnston Police Department personnel will continue to receive ongoing tactical medical training in the coming weeks and months. The rescue equipment officers are carrying are part of a “go-bag” located inside each department vehicle. In response to the killings of two area law enforcement officers last November, each vehicle has also been outfitted with enhanced ballistic personal protective equipment. The department is also working through a process to acquire additional patrol rifles.

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