Posted on: January 4, 2017



The City of Johnston is proud to report that 2016 was a solid year of growth for our community, led by $60.8 million in new taxable valuation. This includes 105 new single family homes and $8.9 million in commercial projects. The statistics are part of the 2016 Community Development Annual Report, which can be viewed in the green "Additional Info" link below. Johnston is seeing big results all over town from decades of hard work and strategic planning. The old hotel on Merle Hay Road is torn down. A new Economic Development Manager is diligently marketing this site and areas of high interest throughout the city. Major infrastructure upgrades to NW 70th Avenue, NW 100th Street and the neighborhoods east of Merle Hay Road are underway. 

"While 2016 was not a record breaking year, this level of investment continues a tradition of steady and sustainable growth that we have experienced in Johnston over the last 15 to 20 years," said Community Development Director David Wilwerding. 

As part of the 2016 Community Development Annual Report, Wilwerding said he anticipates strong high density multifamily permit growth will continue into 2017. He also predicts for 2017: •Due to the momentum caused by several successful projects occurring in the Merle Hay Road Redevelopment Area north of NW 62nd Avenue, this area will continue to be desirable, particularly for multifamily development. 

•All signs point to continued strong commercial growth that will meet or exceed the recent averages. 

•Construction is nearing completion at the new Johnston High School located west of NW 100th Street at Ashton Drive, and associated road/utility improvements were completed in 2016, with the opening of the school scheduled for August 2017. The construction activity and infrastructure improvements are anticipated to drive interest and development (residential and commercial) in the areas surrounding the school site. 

Johnston is a thriving community located just north of Des Moines with a population of 20,460 and growing. In a recent community survey, ninety-two percent of residents say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of life here, which is well above the national average in quality-of-life rankings. The survey shows our city departments, including police, fire, library, parks, public works and community development, consistently rank among the best in the country.

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