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Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Johnston is updating its Comprehensive Plan, the Johnston Thrive 2040 Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a long range plan that will help define and guide the future of our community. The City last prepared a comprehensive plan in 2010, known as the comprehensive plan in 2010, known as the Johnston 2030 Comprehensive Plan. Not sure what a Comprehensive Plan is, learn more here (PDF).

The first step in the Thrive 2040 Comprehensive Plan process was to complete an assessment of where the City is at in 2019 and what has changed since the Johnston 2030 Plan was adopted in 2010. To that end, the Thrive 2040 Report Card has been prepared and provides a quick overview of various trends, statistics, and changes occurring in our community. This report card shares local measurements in eight topic areas about what makes the City of Johnston, its residents, and its businesses thrive. Information here will prompt questions and discussions to create a more thriving Johnston now and through 2040. The Thrive 2040 Report Card is available here (PDF)
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Public Participation

A crucial part of the Comprehensive Planning process is engaging the community in a dialogue about the future and enabling the community to weigh in on future directions. To begin the Thrive 2040 process in the summer of 2019, we asked for the community to share thoughts and ideas about what makes Johnston thrive and to help us understand community concerns and issues. Over 400 people provided input via on-line surveys and interactive maps, conversations at community events (like Kites on the Green and community picnics), and focus group conversations with various stakeholder groups. A summary of the input received is available here (PDF)

Click the image to provide input on the plan.

Thrive Engagement
In the current phase of the process, we are again asking the community to provide additional input specific to the draft land use plan directions and associated goals, policies, and implementation strategies generated to date.

We have established an online engagement platform that will enable you to offer some thoughts on the City at the comfort of your home, office, coffee shop, or other location. Please visit,, where you can participate in one, two, or all three easy steps, including a short survey related to the Thrive 2040 Draft Vision and Guiding Principles; a survey related to the Thrive 2040 Policy Directions and Implementation Strategies; or you can also share your feedback using a mapping tool, to provide comments on the draft Land Use Map. The Thrive 2040 Policy Directions and Implementation Strategy survey noted above focuses on some of the key initiatives, however many more policies and strategies will be included in the plan. Click here (PDF) to review a full list of the draft policies and implementation strategies.

Click here (PDF) to view the draft land use map
Click here (PDF) to view the draft land use typologies
Click here (PDF) to view the draft focus area land use maps

All of the feedback will be compiled and used to provide direction on the development of the Thrive 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The goal of this process is to ensure this plan represents the thoughts and desires of all citizens and to do that, we need to hear from you!

Are you part of a church, school, community organization, or neighborhood group that would like to learn more about the Thrive 2040 Plan? If so, please contact city staff at, so we can schedule a time to meet with you.

For questions about the process or if you wish to share an idea related to the plan, please contact David Wilwerding, Community Development Director, at 515.727.7778 or email at

What’s New

From time to time we will be posting information on this web site as various elements of the comprehensive plan are completed in draft form. We will be announcing the availability of materials through the City’s Facebook page, newsletters, and other various city communication channels.

Please check back frequently for further information. The web site will be updated on a monthly basis as we progress through the process.

The project is anticipated to be completed by Summer of 2020.

To learn more about how the City has implemented past plans, please watch these short videos:
Video 1:
Limestone features throughout the community
Video 2: Connectivity of the NW Beaver Drive trail
Video 3: Watershed assessment and stormwater plan within the community
Video 3: Development of the Johnston Town Center