Green Meadows West Central Channel Stabilization Project

Project Map

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Construction Plans

Upstream of Foxboro Road (PDF)

Downtown of Foxboro Road (PDF)
Final Plan (PDF)

Estimated Cost

$1,948,000 (engineering and construction)

3. Green Meadows West Channel Stabilization

Project Status - (update as of 5/21/18)

Should you wish to receive regular construction updates as the project progresses, please provide your email address to
Aside from a few miscellaneous items, the contractor has completed most of the work east of Foxboro Road. As such, beginning this week they’ll begin construction activities on the west side of Foxboro Road. Initial construction will include the installation of rip rap and check dams along the stream bed and grading activities through the project corridor. Please use caution in the area as this shift will change construction traffic patterns.
4. Green Meadows West Channel Stabilization
As previously noted, the project is behind schedule due to weather conditions and other factors. As a result, the contract completion dates are being extended until June 28, 2018 for substantial completion (most construction related activities) and September 28, 2018 for final completion (final seeding, plantings, etc.).

As previously communicated, HR Green is providing construction inspection throughout the duration of the project. However, there has been a change in the onsite inspector, should you have any questions/concerns related to construction activity you can contact Eric Van Zee, Construction Inspector at 515-204-7424.

Construction access to the project will be provided via Foxboro Road to the eastern portion of the project and Foxboro Road and Hadfield Circle for the western portion of the project. This activity will require increased truck traffic and intermittent lane and sidewalk closures. Please use caution as you are traveling through this area.

We recognize this construction is occurring in your backyards and we will work with the contractors to do everything we can to limit disruption to your neighborhood. However, the project will require large construction equipment and take several months to complete, so we ask for and appreciate your patience throughout the project.


Design Engineering: December 2016-Fall 2017
Project Letting: November 2017
Construction: November 13, 2017 to September 2018
Contractor: Synergy Contracting, LLC of Bondurant, Iowa


Kyle Riley, P.E., CFM
HR Green
5525 Merle Hay Road, Suite 200
Johnston, IA 50131

City Staff Project Contact

David Wilwerding, AICP
Johnston Community Development Director
Email David Wilwerding

Project Description

This drainage channel is located on outlots owned by the Green Meadows West Homeowners Association, and runs between Hadfield Circle and Heather Bow west of Foxboro Road and Heather Bow and Tiburon Circle east of Foxboro Road. The purpose of the project would be to correct erosion and to stabilize the stream banks from the outlet of the storm sewer project completed in 2010 easterly to Beaver Creek.

Project Funding

The Green Meadows West Central Channel Stabilization stormwater improvements are funded by the Johnston Stormwater Utility, which was implemented in July 2012 to create a dedicated funding source for projects that reduce erosion, protect properties and infrastructure from flooding and to improve water quality within the City of Johnston, for more information on the stormwater utility, visit the stormwater projects page.