City Branding

A city logo and branding campaign launched in late 2014 have sharpened our focus and highlighted the best of everything Johnston has to offer. Beginning in June 2014, we worked with our friends from Red Dot Advertising & Design to reach out to residents, business owners and executives, people who work in Johnston but don't live here, and city leaders. We wanted to hear from you about what makes Johnston great (and even discussion about where we should improve).

The many hours of insight, the long discussions, and the lengthy surveys highlighted for city leaders and city communications staff the true identity of Johnston. We don't want to be anyone else.

What we discovered is that people thrive here. They don't just live here or do business here.
They Thrive. Every Day.
Whether it's by getting a top-notch education in our schools, meeting a friend for a run through a green city park, the friendly smiles at the grocery store, the feeling of security knowing we have strong police and fire departments, the family-friendly events held in our wide open spaces, a welcoming and innovative library, a strong and vibrant business community, and responsive city leaders... every aspect of our community is Thriving.

Instead of choosing one, static logo, we chose one that can change with the seasons. To us, the tree represents growth. It represents our proximity to nature. It represents a Thriving Community.

It can also translate into these whimsical animations.