NW 100th Street Improvements

Project Name: NW 100th Street Reconstruction – NW 62nd Ave. to 550’ South of NW 70th Ave.

Project Summary: The project reconstructed NW 100th Street from the intersection of NW 62nd Avenue to 550’ south of the intersection at NW 70th Avenue, a total distance of approximately one mile. The new roadway is a four-lane facility the majority of the project, before transitioning back to two lanes south of NW 70th Avenue.

The intersections of Newport Vista Drive, Ashton Drive, and NW 68th Avenue are multi-lane roundabouts. There is a 10’ pedestrian trail along the west side of the corridor and a 5’ sidewalk along the east side. A storm water pond has been constructed on the west side of the roadway near the north end of the project to handle the storm sewer system.

Project Status: The contractor will be onsite performing cleanup items at this time.  Contractor is to return to perform weed control and over-seeding in the fall of 2017.
Project Bid: $5,738,005.30

Start Date: April 13, 2016

Completion Date: December 9, 2016

Contractor: Manatt’s Inc.

Engineer: HR Green, Inc.

City Staff Project Contact: Matt Greiner, Public Works Director, 515.278.0822