Street Cleaning

The Public Works Department cleans residential streets twice a year in the spring and fall. The sweeping is done during normal operating hours. Areas of Johnston are also done on an as needed basis throughout the year. Residents are reminded that street sweeping is not intended to pick up leaves placed in the street. Placing yard waste in the street is against city code chapter 135.03 and is punishable by a civil penalty.

Contractors are responsible for cleaning the streets when the debris is tracked onto a city street from private construction projects.  If you need to report a street needing cleaning from construction activity, please call the building department at 515-278-2344.  They will contact the contractor to have the street cleaned.

135.03 PLACING DEBRIS ON. It is unlawful for any person to throw or deposit on any street or alley any glass, glass bottle, nails, tacks, wire, cans, trash, garbage, rubbish, litter, offal, leaves, grass, or any other debris likely to be washed into the storm sewer and clog the storm sewer, or any substance likely to injure any person, animal or vehicle.