Police Department

Community Policing Statement of the Johnston Police Department
The men and women of the Johnston Police Department are dedicated to ethical conduct, driven by personal integrity, and committed to professional excellence. Our mission is to prevent disorder and protect human life, individual rights, and personal property by providing comprehensive community-centered services. We are focused on policing for the community through proactive outreach and positive police interactions which build lasting partnerships and promote public trust.

There are three core values members of the Department embrace – HONOR, PROTECTION, and SERVICE. These are frequently on display as officers’ commit to demonstrating the value of each. As a representative of JPD, members of this Department swear an oath that their actions will Honor their service. With dedication and courage, Johnston officers shall never betray the proud history of law enforcement, their personal integrity, the reputation of the Department, nor the trust of the public. Officers demonstrate their character by focusing on honesty, accountability, leading by example, and impartial upholding of the law.
The second core value we identify with is the quality of Protection we provide to the City of Johnston. When criminal activity occurs, the police must respond swiftly to counteract the threat and deploy resources promptly to affect a positive outcome. This requires a focused undertaking to plan, train, prepare and educate ourselves and the community. It also requires proactive enforcement of state laws, municipal codes, and comprehensive standard operating procedures designed to impact crime, displace disorder, and ensure safety – all while exceeding community expectations. The officers of the Johnston Police Department work to proactively interdict criminal behavior and effectively restore peace and order with great efficiency.

The third value vital to our community policing model is delivery of Service. This is the most visible policing function provided to our community. The public sees Johnston police officers, at all levels of this organization, outside the normal lines of communication that come with typical law enforcement agencies. As police professionals, when issues arise in our community, we take responsibility to evaluate the need for educating our residents, businesses, and visitors. Crime prevention, community outreach and education, and emergency preparedness are essential components of our police organization. Programming extends into the school systems, gives attention to individuals and their families, and emphasis is given to be a resource to seniors. Additionally, we choose to act as a catalyst in bringing neighborhoods together and creating stewardship among residents. Outreach occurs to civic organizations and open relationships are built with diverse racial, ethnic, and secular groups.

No law enforcement agency will ever eliminate crime, but with our focused approach towards Honor, Protection, and Service, we work together to minimize it. As we move forward, it is vital to the success of this organization to have strong partnerships in place with our residential and business community. Our pledge is to embrace this comprehensive, professional community policing model. This is our vision, and these are our core values. Please join us.