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The City of Johnston's logo consists of a script and a tree. Below are sizing and spacing guidelines when using the logo. Do not attempt to recreate any part of the logo. If you have questions regarding the logo, please reach out to the Communications Director at 515-727-7781 or by email

City of Johnston with Green Tree


City of Johnston Standard Logo with Tree


City of Johnston black Logo with Tree


City of Johnston white logo with Tree

Logo purple background
Johnston Brand Standards GuideLogo guidelines

Clear space requirements

To maintain the City of Johnston logo's integrity, it is important to always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo. This clear space is required to protect the logo from other graphic elements such as logos, photos, and background patterns, which can distract the viewer's attention. The clear space should be equivalent to or greater than the height "as shown" in the City of Johnston logo. Additionally, the space should be maintained between the logo and any edge of the page. Remember to follow these guidelines to ensure that the City of Johnston logo is always displayed in a clear and professional manner.

Johnston Police Department logo
JG FD Logo (transparent)