MetroNet Construction

A new internet service provider, MetroNet, will soon begin their build out of a fiber network. Please view the information on the construction process. Concerns should be addressed directly to them via telephone or through their website. Click here (PDF) to view a list of frequently asked questions.

Contact information for MetroNet:
Customer Service: 877-386-3876
Online Questions/Complaints: Please click the following link:

MetroNet’s planned notifications to residents as follows:

Before the start of work, utility markings will appear in easements and the right-of-way with temporary paint and flags.

In the following days, MetroNet’s contractors will begin constructing their fiber-optic network. This includes directional boring and the installation of overhead wires on existing poles. Work will primarily be routed in the same areas as existing electrical and communication wires.  

Restoration will be completed after work is complete within the specific area as weather permits.