Getting the Permits

Building permit forms can be picked up at City Hall during regular business hours and must be submitted with all required drawings and plans to Building Department staff at our office.

Unfortunately, we do not accept electronic submissions. Click here (PDF) for the Building Permit Application.  

The Permits

The following information is available to assist you in preparing and supplying the appropriate information for your permit:

Site Maintenance

The contractor will be responsible for all debris on the site and should take all necessary measures to ensure it does not blow away from the site. Subcontractors hauling debris will be required to cover all loads and a trash containment system is required at all sites, approved styles are:
  • Dumpster type container
  • Trailer
  • Fenced in containment area
Site maintenance will become a part of all inspections as well as inspection on a random basis.

Concrete Regulations

The City of Johnston uses the National Weather Service’s 24 hour prediction to reflect when/how concrete may be poured as follows:

10° or below - No concrete may be poured
25° or below - Concrete must be covered for a minimum of 48 hours

Stormwater Management Development Standards

Information on stormwater calculations, grading permit information and stormwater management development standards can be found here.